As one of the world's biggest and leading experts in additives for animal feed, Bluestar Adisseo features 6 production sites, Commentry, Les Roches, Roussillon, La Rochelle, Burgos, and Nanjing, and boasts a number of patents and world-class methionine production technologies. Through our global distribution network, we serve more than 2,600 customers from 140 countries.


Our Vision

Feeding the planet in a qualitative, affordable, safe, and sustainable ways.


Our Mission

We, Adisseo, contribute to the sustainable growth of the planet.

We deliver innovative products and services to the feed and food industry.

We are committed to a fair balance of the value we are creating between our customers, employees, and shareholders.


Our History

Adisseo was founded in Commentry of France in 1939. Its original name was Alimentation Equilibrée。

Mr. Marcel Lingot, the founder of Adisseo, when he was graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, established the company with great enthusiasm in the animal feed industry and commitment to animal feed additive. The company was quickly becoming a famous manufacturer of good-quality methionine and Vitamin A in the Commentry mill. The mill has since been working till now in Commentry.

In addition, since the outstanding innovation, strict quality control and impressive performance, Adisseo joined Rhone Poulenc, the largest chemical pharmaceutical group in France in 1971, as the animal nutrition affiliate of the group. In 1980s, Rhone Poulenc Animal Nutrition Company continued expanding its global footprint and established three European Branches and mills in the US successively.


In 2002, Adisseo separated from Rhone Poulenc Group and was officially named as “Adisseo”; conducting research on animal nutrition at CERN in Commentry.


In 2006, Adisseo joined BlueStar Group, in China’s innovative chemical materials and specialty chemical industries, and established CINAbio in Toulouse of France in the same year.


In 2008, Adisseo and BlueStar decided to build a new plant in China, while continued investing in Europe on a regular basis in order to upgrade manufacturing facilities.


Since joining BlueStar in 2006, Adisseo and BlueStar Group decided to invest large amounts in both China and Europe for new plant construction and upgrade of the existing facilities. Adisseo is dedicating to better investment, strict production control and the quality of products to satisfy his clients and partners.

In 2014, Adisseo launched a new product, Selisseo®, organic selenium additive; in 2015, Adisseo launched a new product, Advance®, NSP Enzyme; in 2016, Adisseo launched a new probiotic product, Alterion®. Currently Adisseo have over 600 patents (including patent application)In 2014, Adisseo launched Selisseo®, an organic selenium additive; in 2015, Adisseo launched Advance®, an NSP Enzyme; Adisseo launched Alterion®, an innovative probiotics product.


In 2015, Adisseo successfully listed on A-share market, and officially became a public company that commits to sustainably creating value for our investors.