Rhodimet® is the methionine solution for monogastric animals. It enhances animal feed performance, leading to solid savings for the professionals, while remaining extremely safe and easy to use. Available in both solid (Rhodimet® NP99) and liquid (Rhodimet® AT88) forms, Rhodimet® can meet a wide variety of customer needs for animal feeds.

Smartamine® and MetaSmart®

Adisseo, the pioneer in the use of Methionine for dairy cows, and other ruminants, manufactures and markets the two premier Methonine products on the market, Smartamine M and MetaSmart. These nutrition solutions are key to Amino Acid Balancing in lactating dairy cow ration formulation.


Microvit® is a complete range of vitamins for the feed industry with consistently high quality and reliable supplies that meet the most stringent traceability conditions. With Microvit®, we provide our customers with not only a product, but also our expertise and innovations to help our strategic premix partners succeed in dealing with an increasingly demanding and challenging market.


Rovabio® is a range of enzyme preparations (Excel and Max) that improves the digestibility of raw materials from vegetal origin for animals, poultry and hogs. It improves animal performance and contributes to a better breeding environment. A multi-species, multi-ingredient and multi-application solution, Rovabio® appears to be the most versatile enzymatic product on the market.


Selisseo2% Se is an innovative source of organic selenium developed by Adisseo based on seleno-hydroxy-methionine. Selenium has been used for decades in animal feed for its well-known antioxidant properties. However, compared to old selenium sources, Selissio2% Se better suits the customers’ needs in term of performance, reliability and practicability.


AdiSodium is an innovative source of chloride-free sodium. It provides a cost-effective solution for dietary electrolyte balance (DEB) in monogastric feeds and the supply of sulphur in an easily assimilated form to ruminant feeds.


Alterion is from the private culture collection of the world's largest library (over 45000 lines) carefully screened a unique strains of Bacillus subtilis, can inhibit the growth of a variety of pathogenic microorganisms in the gut, strong resistance, is the solution for a complete set of probiotic animal intestinal health research program. Alterion through a variety of mechanisms, can significantly improve the animal intestinal micro ecological environment and improve the production performance of animal.