Chairman’s Statement

Sincere thanks to all our friends for your trust, care and support, which sustain the steady and robust development of Adisseo. As a global leader in the animal nutrition and nutraceutical industry, Adisseo consistently adheres to the notion of economic security, sustainability and quality to provide healthy, safe, cost-effective and high-quality food to the world.

Enhancing Cohesion and Developing at Full Speed

As the first successful case of domestic capital market securitisation among overseas merger and acquisition (M&A) projects of state owned enterprise, the development of Adisseo is a vivid example of the strategy of "Going out” and "Bringing in" against the backdrop of the reform and opening-up policy.

Under the guidance of the "Going out" strategy of the reform and opening-up policy, China National Blue Star (Group) Co., Ltd, which belongs to the major enterprise China National Chemical Corporation, wholly purchased the French group Adisseo in 2006. It was the first case of overseas M&A in China's fine chemical industry, as well as the largest deal involving the purchase of a French company by a Chinese enterprise at that time.

After the acquisition, Adisseo decisively carried out the "Bringing in" strategy, increasing investment in the Chinese market and introducing its core capabilities in manufacturing engineering and technology in China. In 2009, Adisseo built a world-class liquid methionine factory in Nanjing, the first in China, thus filling the gap in the field of methionine production in a country which is also the world 's largest consumer of methionine.

In 2015, Adisseo successfully listed on the A-share market, so that Chinese investors can share in Adisseo's fast-growing dividends. The listing has also provided a broader platform for the sustainable development of Adisseo.

In 2018, Adisseo completed the acquisition of Nutriad. Adisseo and Nutriad have highly complementary businesses, which is expected to have an enormous synergistic impact on the company's existing business. With this acquisition, the company has taken another solid step forward on the road to becoming the world’s leading supplier of additives to specialty products in animal nutrition.

Through such reform initiatives, we aim to strengthen the company's competitive advantage in the global food value chain, speed up our march toward internationalisation, continue to satisfy our customers’ expectations in terms of product and service excellence, and make positive contributions to social and economic development.

Eliminating Difficulties and Advancing Quickly

Currently, the foundation of the global economic recovery is not yet stable, and China's economic structure needs profound adjustment. In the face of increasingly fierce global competition in the animal feed additives market, we are not easing up in the slightest. We will use innovation to build forward momentum and promote development through transformation. Providing high-quality animal nutrition additives is our value orientation, and our first priority is sustainable development. Moreover, at all times we adhere to the enterprise development concept of creating value for customers, creating value for our shareholders, and bringing satisfaction to employees. We also follow the management principle of customer service orientation by carrying out a “double business pillar” development strategy. While continuing to maintain our leading position in the methionine industry, we accelerate the promotion of innovation capacities and continue to strengthen our specialty products business.

Adisseo will actively optimise its corporate governance structure, improve and upgrade its management operations and stimulate innovation in business models. Our mission is to provide comprehensive animal nutrition and health solutions to our customers, maximise returns for our shareholders, and create a platform for our staff enabling them to unleash their full potential. Meanwhile, we will perform our corporate social responsibilities to better serve China’s comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development.

Finally, we would like to express our sincere gratitude and best wishes to all old and new friends who have offered support and trust. Let’s cooperate and work together to share a common prosperous and bright future!