Employees Development


Adisseo's number 1 priority is to be accident-free in all activities, including personal safety, environmental safety and facilities safety. We also pursue a sustainable growth method through continuous investments in training for our teams, in our research and development capacities, and in our industrial sites. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with our employees to ensure fruitful relationships with them.


We are listening to and developing our staff’s satisfaction which is closest to my heart. Employee satisfaction and engagement are now key performance indicators for the company. We conduct regular satisfaction surveys that give rise to action plans for each entity, depending on the results obtained and the expectations expressed.


Listening to employees to gain their commitment


Since 2014, Adisseo has conducted a wide-ranging biannual satisfaction survey to gather the opinions of all its employees. The outcomes have led to practical initiatives designed to respond directly to the expectations expressed. In 2016, 1,620 employees completed the 70-question, 13-subject online survey. The latest survey also included the new indicator of ‘employee commitment’; a more demanding measure than ‘employee satisfaction’.


The results of the 2016 survey show that the levels of employee satisfaction and commitment are rising, which is the prime goal of the initiatives introduced so far. In overall terms, Adisseo has made progress in 10 of the 13 areas surveyed, and in half of those, the company is also seen to be performing on a par with, or better than, other companies in its industry. Commitment to quality and customer service is significantly higher. Other opportunities for improvement are also being pursued in local-level management and shop-floor communication. Programs likes Agile and We Move are already helping us to improve in this direction.