Employees Training

Improving Employees Training and Learning Mechanism



Talents are the core strength of a company. Holding a modern training concept for business, on one hand, Adisseo improves hardware facilities for training while on the other hand, promotes online training, to strengthen overall training so as to cultivate employees intellectually and create a learning atmosphere within the company. In this way, employee’s personal growth is always aligned with the company development.



Utilization of Online-learning Platform

In 2015, Bluestar Adisseo Nanjing Co. introduced the online-learning platform, which enables employees to brush up their knowledge by fully utilizing online resources. Currently, the utilization rate of this platform has achieved 100%. Meanwhile, the company is constantly improving its training plans as well as curriculum systems. With the assistance of internal trainers, a plenty of courseware is developed and a number of face-to-face training are conducted.


Elevation of Management Skills

Each year, Adisseo will gather a group of outstanding management and technical staffs to attend AMP Program (Adisseo Management Program) with the aim of equipping them with international vision and management skills so as to improve the overall healthy development of Adisseo employees.



On-the-job training

On-the-job training delivers a direct response to an expectation expressed in in-house surveys. This type of training helps to improve the safety and reliability of facilities and the organizational structure. It also facilitates the transfer of knowledge and skills between employees. An ambitious program was launched in 2016, beginning with Roches Roussillon and Commentry. It includes a definition of the basics of the job, the training programs available, the testing of digital solutions for easier delivery of training and the Adisseo College project to provide permanent on-demand access to training and experience sharing.