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Minister Han Changfu promotes rural vitalization strategy at MOA party group meeting

Release time:2018-03-22

On March 16, Secretary of CPC Leading Group at MOA and Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu chaired a party group meeting on studying the instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping at Shandong Delegation’s discussion in the first annual session of the 13th National People's Congress. The meeting also discussed MOA’s arrangements and measures to implement the strategy.


The meeting stressed that to fully understand the key instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, MOA should enhance the sense of mission and responsibility and commit itself to carrying out the rural vitalization strategy actively.


MOA should also grasp the essence of Xi’s instructions and concentrate on the key missions, including rural industry development, personnel training, cultural progress, ecological conservation and organization improvement, and kick off a good start for a new chapter of agriculture and rural development.


The meeting highlighted several important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the rural vitalization strategy, including the “Seven ways”, announced at the Central Rural Work Conference, to vitalize socialistic rural areas with Chinese characteristics, and the “Five Vitalizations” delivered at Shandong Delegation’s discussion.


These speeches elaborated on the elements of the rural vitalization strategy, identified the direction and path to the objectives, and specified the principles as well as major difficulties in implementation. These speeches should be taken as the major guidelines for work on agriculture, farmer and rural issues.


The meeting emphasized that MOA should adopt measures to implement the strategy in a timely manner. MOA will take prompt actions in assigning tasks, allocating duties and exercising supervision. MOA will also seek supporting policies for investment and coordinate the work of amending relevant laws and regulations.


MOA will promote key work actively and put focuses on the current priorities, including spring sowing, agricultural product quality, green development, rural reform and environment protection, and take practical measures as soon as possible in the down-to-earth principle.


MOA will also conduct researches on the “Five Vitalizations” to generate inspiring reports and policy proposals as intellectual support for the strategy.


The meeting required MOA to strengthen institutional reform to facilitate implementation of the strategy, and complete the adjustment of institution, responsibilities and personnel in time. MOA will adjust its functions and improve work efficiency with a strong sense of responsibility, while keep its operations and services running well.


The meeting also discussed other issues.