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Innovative Adisseo Accelerating in China – Adisseo China’s R&D Center Sets Sail

Release time:2020-10-16


On October 16, Bluestar Adisseo Company (Adisseo, SH:600299) announced that its R&D center in China with the theme of “Innovative Adisseo Accelerating in China” sets sail, and its R&D and market layout in China and Asia Pacific will move forward to in-depth development stage, thus Adisseo’s “China Time” gets accelerated. Mr. Gary Wang, Adisseo Deputy General Manager & Greater China Executive Vice President, Ms. Cai Yun, Adisseo CFO, Ms. Queenie Liang, Adisseo Board Secretary, Mr. Li Feng, Head of China R&D, Mr. Hao Dexin, COO of BANC and Mr. Francois Mailhos, Project Director of BANC2, attended the celebration ceremony.


Since its establishment 81 years ago, as a global leader in animal nutrition, Adisseo has always been committed to driving corporate development with technological innovation. The establishment of the R&D center in China confirms Adisseo’s consistent emphasis on technological innovation. In the congratulatory video specially produced for the R&D center to set sail, Hao Zhigang, Chairman of Bluestar Adisseo Company, said, “The R&D center in China is to set sail, which is a milestone event for Adisseo China. The ‘acceleration’ of Adisseo’s development in China will take a big step forward through technological innovation.”




At present, Adisseo has 10 R&D centers around the world conducting research and development in analytical technology development and testing, animal nutrition research and efficacy evaluation, product formulations, biotechnology, solid preparations, chemical processes, process simulation and engineering amplification. Today Adisseo has established important partnerships with top universities and research institutions in the industry through its R&D centers worldwide. Going forward, the China R&D Center will become one of Adisseo’s major products development centers and technological service platforms over the globe, as well as the home of an industrial innovation incubator in the Greater China Region.




Adisseo’s CEO Jean - Marc said: “As a global leader in the animal nutrition and health industry, innovation is key for Adisseo to win the future. Relying on the construction of China’s R&D center, we will continue to increase R&D investment in China, we believe this would become our core competitiveness.” The R&D team will also work closely with the production team and project team to strive for the best performance in terms of safety, environment, health and economy, and thus promote sustainable development of the company. In the future, the innovation achievements of the R&D center in China will also be applied to other regions and thus contribute to Adisseo’s further globalization.




At the groundbreaking ceremony of the R&D center, Adisseo’s employees in China expressed their excitement and expectations. They sent over their blessings and messages through the congratulatory video, hoping that the R&D center could become Adisseo’s innovation engine and accelerator for its strategic layout in China and Asia-Pacific. Adisseo’s employees also expressed their commitment to working with Adisseo to create a brighter future.




At the celebration ceremony, Adisseo also announced that the Cloud Running in China also kicked off. This charity run uses the most fashionable and popular form of “cloud running”. Starting from today, participants can use Adisseo’s designated fitness APP to join the running group anytime and anywhere. When the accumulated running mileage of the group reaches a certain value, Adisseo will exchange this result into corresponding public welfare fund to help those in need.






Originated from France, deeply rooted in China. For Adisseo, there are huge opportunities in the field of animal nutrition in China, and China will also become a major market for Adisseo’s future business growth. Around its global layout, with its integrated production process and world- class manufacturing capability, the Adisseo Nanjing plant has become a worldwide leader in liquid methionine production both in production scale as well as in low production cost. Over the past 11 years, the Nanjing plant has been committed to improving the safety and environmental protection level of production and practicing the concept of sustainable development. In addition to meeting the needs of the Chinese market, the products produced by the Nanjing plant are also exported to more than 20 countries and regions around the world.


The launch of Adisseo’s R&D Center in China is expected to take its “China Strategy” to a higher level. Moving forward, Adisseo will continue to intensively cultivate the Chinese market, meet the needs of Chinese customers with more advanced technology, products and services, and consolidate its leading position in the field of animal nutrition in China.