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Bluestar Adisseo Company Chairman Hao Zhigang Invited to Attend CEIBS Insights Beijing Forum

Release time:2021-07-06

On July 2nd, CEIBS held the CEIBS Insights·Beijing Forum with the theme of "Global Business Environment Amidst Tremendous Changes" in Beijing. More than ten representatives from the political, business and academic communities both home and abroad including Yi Xiaozhun, former Deputy Director General of the WTO and former Vice Minister of Ministry of Commerce of China; Dominique de Villepin, former Prime Minister of France and Distinguished Professor of CEIBS; Ding Yuan, Vice President and Academic Dean of CEIBS and Independent Director of Bluestar Adisseo Company; Cui fan, Professor of University of International Business and Economics and Director of the Research Department of the CWTO have jointly interpreted the global governance and optimization of the business environment amidst the tremendous changes from multi-perspectives, as well as the opportunities and challenges faced by Chinese and foreign enterprises under the “dual circulation” development pattern. Hao Zhigang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bluestar and Bluestar Adisseo Company, has been invited to attend the forum.


Hao Zhigang said, in the round table discussion themed "Retrospect and Prospect of EU-China Investment Market", that Bluestar and Bluestar Adisseo Company were practitioners and beneficiaries of EU-China investment. After China joined the WTO, Bluestar accelerated its technological breakthroughs and capital mergers and acquisitions. Since 2006, Bluestar has successively acquired Adisseo France S.A.A., France’s Rhodia, and Norway's Elkem, with a total investment equivalent to about RMB 25 billion.

As introduced by Chairman Hao Zhigang, the investments made by ChemChina and Bluestar Group in Europe are mainly concentrated in the fields of chemical raw materials and specialty chemicals. Taking Bluestar Adisseo Company as an example, it focuses on animal feed additives especially liquid methionine to help solve the need for food, specially the consumption demand for meat and to ensure the reliability, safety and consumption of food. Bluestar’s acquisition of Adisseo Group in France has realized technological breakthroughs in methionine, which was the first overseas merger and acquisition in the basic chemical industry in China. In 2015, Bluestar Adisseo Company got listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming the first successful case of the securitization of an overseas M&A project of a central enterprise in the domestic capital market. Meanwhile, Bluestar Adisseo Company has also achieved high-quality development. It is now the world's largest liquid methionine company, and its market value has increased by nearly 10 times due to the injection of high-quality assets.

Stay focused and sustainable growth will be achieved. China and the EU share extensive common interests and broad prospect for cooperation. Chairman Hao Zhigang is very optimistic about EU-China interactive investment. At the end of last year, the negotiations on the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment have been completed, and we are looking forward to its further implementation. For the future of EU-China investment, he has put forward two expectations: One is the interaction of capital markets between China and Europe; and the other is the interaction between RMB and Euro. As China-France economic and trade cooperation has entered into a new stage, with the support of top leaders of China and France, Bluestar and the Bluestar Adisseo Company will fully grasp the historic opportunity to further boost development in the two major markets of China and France and strengthen the leading advantages of Bluestar Adisseo Company in the animal nutrition and health industry in the global market.

In the post-epidemic era, it is urgent to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation and join hands to promote global economic recovery. In the opening speech, Ding Yuan, Vice President and Academic Dean of CEIBS and Independent Director of Bluestar Adisseo Company, said that the world structure has undergone turbulent changes in the recent two years, and such changes have been especially accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, due to the promotion of vaccines, the global commerce, economy and trade are recovering very fast. Under China's "dual circulation" development pattern, the forum aims to discuss opportunities and challenges in the new environment in a constructive and positive manner. The forum is divided into three sessions, including "New Opportunities for Multinational Corporations in China under the Dual Circulation", "Retrospect and Prospect of EU-China Investment Market" and "Future of Sino-US Economic and Trade Relations", involving function and role changes of multinational corporations in the new development stage of China's "dual circulation" pattern under the situation of coexistence of economic stocks and increment.


As the core idea of CEIBS goes, “China Depth, Global Breadth”. Focusing on the changing global business environment, Bluestar and Bluestar Adisseo Company are expected to promote high-quality development with a broader international perspective. In building a good economic and trade relationship between China and Europe, whether it is direct investment or strategic cooperation, Bluestar and the Bluestar Adisseo Company will actively participate and make their contribution.