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Adisseo Participated in the 12th China Dairy Expo

Release time:2021-07-20

The 12th China Dairy Expo, one of the largest and most influential events in China's dairy industry, was held from July 17th to 19th in Hefei, capital city of Anhui Province of China.  Altogether 555 companies covering planting, breeding, machinery and equipment, animal health, dairy products processing, packaging, transportation, consumption, and trade in the entire dairy industry chain, are involved in the expo.


This is the 5th year that Adisseo participated as an exhibitor.  Gary Wang, China EVP, Peng Haihong, China Ruminant Business and Technical Director and his team presented Adisseo’s star ruminant products including MetaSmart®, Nutri-Ferm®, and Gusti® plus.



MetaSmart® is a source of high-efficiency methionine for dairy cows. The product has been widely used in domestic and foreign ranches, and it is not only effective to increase milk production, milk protein and milk fat rate, but also to improve the health and reproductive performance of dairy cows. Supplementing MetaSmart® during the perinatal period can increase postpartum cattle dry matter intake, reduce metabolic diseases such as ketosis and fatty liver, reduce early embryonic mortality of multiparous dairy cows, and improve uterine health. More and more domestic ranches have purchased MetaSmart® as conventional feed ingredients.


Nutri-Ferm®, a new ruminant product, is a unique fermented extract of aspergillus oryzae and aspergillus niger. The key role of this product is to improve fiber digestibility and feed conversion efficiency. In addition, it can also improve rumen function and stability. In particular, it can help alleviate the negative impact of heat stress on rumen function, feed intake and milk production. At present, field trials in many domestic ranches have verified the effect of Nutri-Ferm® to increase milk production or maintain milk production under stress.


Adisseo's palatability products are designed according to the characteristics of ruminants at different growth stages, aiming to improve the palatability of feeds, increase the intake of ruminants, and make feed formulations more flexible. Gusti® plus is one of the blockbuster products, which stimulates animal appetite by masking the taste of unpalatable ingredients in the feed, increases animal feed intake, or maintains feed intake under various stress conditions such as diet changes or heat stress.



Adisseo's booth welcomed customers and experts from all over China. Ideas about current and future dairy trend, issues and opportunities in dairy farming, nutrition  and management, were exchanged heatedly.


With "2 Pillars" strategy and the new RICA planned to be put into use by the end of the year, Adisseo will add more creativity and better technology to China's dairy industry by collaborating with leading companies in the field, to achieve the vision of "feeding the planet in a qualitative, affordable, safe and sustainable way".