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Bluestar Adisseo Chairman Hao Zhigang Shared Adisseo Case with CEIBS GEMBA Students

Release time:2022-01-06

On January 6, Hao Zhigang, Chairman of Adisseo, was invited to give a lecture on the GEMBA course of “Mergers & Acquisitions” of CEIBS. He gave a brief introduction of corporate governance, business layout, cultural integration and strategic development of Bluestar and Adisseo on-line and shared the case story of Bluestar’s acquisition of Adisseo covering global strategic vision and international management practice of Adisseo with the students of CEIBS GEMBA 2019.  


China Europe International Business School is a business school co-founded by the Chinese government and the European Union. Its Global EMBA program has been ranked second in the world by the Financial Times for two consecutive years. It is a leading business school in Asia and a world-renowned business school. While pursuing academic excellence, CEIBS also undertakes the unique historical mission of becoming the platform for economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and the world. Chairman Hao Zhigang shared the corporate story in the classroom of CEIBS, which is conducive to promoting the development of case teaching in China and the world,, building a new platform for exchanges and cooperation between enterprises and academic circle, and for integration of education, research and business practices between China and the world.


In the keynote speech session, Chairman Hao Zhigang introduced Bluestar Group and Adisseo and the companies’ financial conditions. He also conducted in-depth exchanges on investment highlights and M&A tips that the students are concerned about. He said that Bluestar and Adisseo were practitioners and beneficiaries of Sino-EU investment. Bluestar started technological breakthroughs and capital mergers and acquisitions since China’s entry into the WTO. Bluestar’s acquisition of Adisseo in France was the first overseas merger and acquisition in the basic chemical industry in China. Adisseo was the first successful case of the securitization of an overseas M&A project by a SOE in the domestic capital market. For the Bluestar Group, it is also a successful case of a state-owned enterprise achieving “value preservation and appreciation” through mergers and acquisitions.



During the round table discussion session, Chairman Hao Zhigang has had a wonderful interaction with Ding Yuan, Vice President and Academic Dean of CEIBS and Independent Director of Adisseo, Zhang Hua, Associate Professor of Finance of CEIBS, and Ms. Cheng Yun, Chairman and CEO of Fulang Group and Global Partner of Fosun. He introduced that since Bluestar Group acquired Adisseo, it has achieved remarkable results in terms of strategic positioning, economic and social benefits.  Successful integration was realized and profitability was greatly increased.  Adisseo has entered the fast track of high-quality development, and has become a typical case of state-owned enterprises acquiring overseas enterprises to achieve successful management and continuous improvement of business operation capabilities. The development of Adiseeo in China has become the key to Bluestar’s global business layout. In the future, Adisseo will continue to increase capital investment, expand production capacity and enhance industrial chain capabilities to promote Chinese innovation to the world.


Ding Yuan , Vice President and Academic Dean of CEIBS and Independent Director of Adisseo, also said that the Adisseo case reflects the importance of management diversification and localization of the management team for enterprises entering the global market. Chinese enterprises can select talents in the perspective of capability, potential and adaptability to the target market and establish a unified and multi-level talent pool within the system after a long period of accumulation so as to prepare for future businesses expansion.