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Adisseo Provides Stable Support for Pandemic Prevention and Product Supply

Release time:2022-04-21

The recent severity of the Pandemic has had a huge impact on supply chains across the country. Staff deployment, logistics scheduling and capital chains have become particularly strained for companies. The animal husbandry industry, which is closely related to the peoples’ well-being, faces the risk of supply interruptions. Animal nutrition enterprises are a key link in the food industry and are of great significance to whether downstream enterprises can ensure stable production and consumers can obtain food in a timely manner. As a global leader in the field of feed additives, Adisseo has taken a series of health and safety measures to better ensure the efficiency of both its internal and external operation and proactively assumed its corporate social responsibilities. While paying close attention to local Pandemic prevention policies, Adisseo has quickly launched targeted actions to combat the virus, adopted preventive measures to ensure a stable production, and safeguarded the development of the entire value chain of the food industry.



Safety First: Comprehensive Employee Care


Safety has always been the top priority for Adisseo as part of its goal of achieving sustainable development. The health and safety of employees is the solid cornerstone for the stable development and long-term growth of Adisseo. Ensuring the safety of employees, production equipment, products, logistics and the environment is an important principle on which Adisseo will not compromise.


Since the outbreak of the current wave of the Pandemic, Adisseo’s management team has held several meetings on guidance for implementing Pandemic prevention and control measures. Based on the spreading trend of the Pandemic and requirements for preventing localized outbreaks, the prevention and control measures have been promptly adjusted and re-formulated to ensure they are the most up-to-date. Adisseo has been working to ensure the health and safety of employees and their families, as well as the stable operation of the production and sales teams through multiple channels such as timely disinfection of offices and production environments, regular distribution of protective equipment, and promotional efforts to boost staff knowledge of safety and protection measures.


In order to ease peoples’ concerns, Adisseo China responded quickly and adopted a caring method of "spiritual food" + "material food" to bring goodwill and hope to employees. After launching a closed-loop management system, Adisseo Shanghai’s labor union actively communicated with suppliers and contacted delivery vendors. With the assistance of the Administration, Finance, Logistics, and Human Resources Departments, we sent three batches of care packages of groceries to colleagues in Shanghai on April 2, April 7 and April 16. In this way, employees were able to receive some of the most in-demand items such as rice, oil, vegetables and other materials.



On April 2, Adisseo launched the Caring for Our Mental Health course for all employees to have a professional lecturer share knowledge and skills about maintaining mental health with employees. Gary Wang, Executive Vice President of Adisseo Greater China, offered his encouragement to everyone in his opening speech. He thanked everyone for maintaining high efficiency when working from home and reminded every colleague to stay safe and healthy. After the professional live online training, employees actively interacted with each other and shared their Pandemic prevention experiences, resulting in a good atmosphere of mutual assistance. At the same time, the company has also proactively established communication channels to keep in touch with every employee and stay abreast of their status. This also enables employees to make internal submissions detailing the difficulties they encounter. Relevant departments have and will organize resources to provide assistance and create a caring and warm working environment for everyone.


Internal and External Supports for the Healthy and Orderly Operation


With its long-term adherence to safe manufacturing standards and continuous improvement of its production and sales network, Adisseo has always provided a stable and orderly supply of animal nutrition additives to many upstream and downstream clients across China and even around the world. Even amid the Pandemic, this persistence has not wavered.


In the early days of the outbreak in Shanghai, the Adisseo supply chain team took immediate action to accurately identify and assess potential risks. Before the closure of major warehouses, Adisseo optimized the inventory, which allows the supply chain system to operate normally, thus ensuring the fundamental interests of Adisseo and its clients. The CPC party members at the Adisseo Nanjing Plant took the initiative to join the fast-paced coordination work and cooperated efficiently with the sales and procurement teams and transportation vendors to achieve a delivery rate of 94.4%. Adisseo's Nantong factory also made arrangements for the efficient deployment of employees and transfer of goods to warehouses in the face the onslaught of the Pandemic, so as to ensure orderly manufacturing operations and the furnishing of its business services during the Pandemic. 



At the same time, Adisseo has always attached great importance to the development of the company’s informatization and digitalization, and continuously increased investment in these areas. Such preparations shaped a professional digital platform that has wide coverage, is upgraded in a timely manner, and provides profession responses to user demands. The powerful performance of this platform has allowed employees to work remotely and facilitated their online collaboration during the Pandemic. In this respect, it has made it possible for employees in the office and factory to flexibly switch between work modes and ensure the healthy and orderly operation of all departments of the company.


Adisseo strictly abides by the local Pandemic prevention policies and has made correspondent arrangements and plans for staff deployment for each production base during the period of closed-loop management. At the outset, it also formulated a Pandemic prevention plan, actively storing food reserves and daily necessities, and made every effort to properly organize logistics for the employees at the factories. Taking the health and safety of employees as the foundation, Adisseo’s production and sales operations were running smoothly.


Adopting Innovative Online Services to Meet Clients’ Business Needs


Amid the uncertainty brought about by the outbreaks across the country, Adisseo kept in mind the company’s mission and responsibilities, and actively responded to the government’s call to action to maintain the normal and orderly manufacturing and sales in the animal husbandry industry. In the "Urgent Notice on Coordinating the Prevention and Control of the Coronavirus Pandemic and Maintaining the Normal and Orderly Production and Marketing in the Animal Husbandry Industry" issued recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs emphasized that "slaughtered livestock and poultry and meat, eggs and milk products should be included in the daily necessities of the Pandemic prevention and control period." Adisseo, which has an advantageous business layout and a strong state-owned background in the field of animal nutrition, is duty-bound at this time.


Animal nutrition additives play an important role in improving food quality and safety, reducing the environmental impact and improving animal health and performance. The animal nutrition additives from Adisseo not only help meet the essential nutrient needs of animals, but also help animals improve their digestive ability and stabilize the beneficial intestinal flora, thereby helping to improve their health. Through continuous exploration in these fields, Adisseo has played an active role in providing animal nutrition supplements and feed substitution. Adisseo is not only committed to the research and development of high-quality products and solutions, but also focused on the exchange and sharing of advanced technologies within the industry in the hope of driving the overall development of the value chain, both upstream and downstream.


During the Pandemic, Adisseo has launched innovative online services. Adisseo experts communicated remotely about nutritional ratio needs, customized online nutrient formulas, and provided complete animal nutrition solutions for clients. Adisseo has also held online meetings to facilitate technical exchanges with large enterprise clients, and the participants took the opportunity to discuss and jointly explore the future development of the industry. For the benefit of the general public and small and medium-sized business owners, Adisseo invited industry experts to conduct a series of six live-sessions to share updated technologies in the industry. This series has attracted 38,000 viewers since its first session. The following five sessions will be completed over the next two weeks. More viewers are welcome to join and exchange thoughts during the live-streaming, and hopefully, the sharing sessions will create value for broader audience and realize better profitability for them.



Shouldering Corporate Social Responsibility and Helping with Pandemic Prevention


Adisseo not only cares about the health and safety of its employees and creating long-term value for its industry clients, it also undertakes a mission to be a leader in the key link in the food industry. Therefore, pushing forward with regional Pandemic prevention efforts and meeting its social responsibilities proactively have also become the focuses of Adisseo's work. Adhering to mutual support, Adisseo not only prepared protective materials for employees, but also a large number of Pandemic prevention kits for its clients in hope of fighting the Pandemic together. Many Adisseo employees also went deep into their communities and joined hands to help their neighbors and coordinate community Pandemic prevention efforts.



(Adisseo Volunteers: Devin DUAN, Elsa XI, Kai LEI, Shaoyu LUAN,Li FU, Xue GU, Jingfei HUANG, Alex JIN and Elaine ZHOU during their voluntary work in their respective communities)


By ensuring long-term safety and flexibility, and focusing on Pandemic prevention efforts and production, Adisseo remains steadfast in adhering to its responsibilities amid the severe Pandemic situation as a key actor in the supply of nutrients in the food industry. It helps to stabilize the production in the meat, egg and milk industries under the guidance of the "Greater Food" Approach to guarantee the national food supply. Eventually, the impact of the Pandemic will dissipate, and Adisseo will keep in mind its mission to meet global food demand in a high-quality, economical, safe and sustainable way, while continuing to ensure food security, and creating value for clients, employees and shareholders.