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Adisseo announces its participation in the new closing round of China's first Agri-f ood tech VC Bits x Bites

Release time:2022-12-23


Adisseo, a worldwide leader in nutritional solutions and additives for animal feed, announces itsparticipation in the new closing round of China's first Agri-food tech VC Bits  Bites, a venture fundinvesting in early-stage startups with transformative technologies to address the most critical challenges in the food system in China.This is the final close round of Bits x Bites' second fund.


This investment is part of Adisseo's strategy which focuses on activities at the forefront of the modern agricultural and live stock revolution: animal health, feed and nutrition and digital technologies servingthe livestock industry.

Jean-Francois Rous, Adisseo Executive VP Research & lnnovation, stated: "Adisseo is a unique company committed to strategic investments in new disruptive technologies, in order to enrich our portfolio of R&D innovations while respecting a mode of sustainable growth."


Joining this fund is also part of Adisseo's Open lnnovation initiatives to integrate Adisseo in the key innovation ecosvstems in the planet, to accelerate the scouting and collaboration with start upsdeveloping disruptive technologies in the fields of Precision Livestock Farming (PLF), alternative proteins for feed, carbon footprint reduction technolopies applied to our production processes andnovel feed additives and services supporting sustainable animal production.

"Adisseo has been proactively following the development of disruptive technologies in agriculture, inanimal production, and has invested in startups through investment funds like in Europe and LatinAmerica. Another example is Adisseo's direct involvement in the Calysseo JV whose aim is toimplement a novel technology (Single Cell Protein) into the Asian aquaculture market in cooperationwith a Californian High-Tech company" added Guy Harari, Senior Global Director and one of theAdisseo's representatives in Bits x Bites fund.


Adisseo aims to contribute to the AgTech China ecosystem and pushes for more focus in animalproduction disruptive technologies, providing innovative feed additives solutions for antibiotics substitution, developing smart farming to improve monitoring and performances prediction.increasing food safety, and promoting sustainable production methods.

Adisseo is the only animal nutritional expert in the new round of investors. Other investorsinclude industry leaders such as Syngenta Group Ventures, Wilbur Ellis, ESCO, and EDBl inSingapore and ADQ in Abu Dhabi and other reputable financial institutions and family offices.Continued support comes from Temasek in Singapore.

Bits x Bites's raised USD100 million for its fund in an oversubscribed close.




About Adisseo
Adisseo is one of the world's leading experts in feed additives. The group relies on its 8 research centers and its production sites based in Europe, USA, China and Thailandto design, produce and market nutritional solutions for sustainable animal feed. With more than 2.520 employees, it serves around 3.900 customers in over 110 different countries througlits global distribution network.


In 2021,Adisseo achieved a turnover of over 1.69 billion Euros Adisseo is one of the main subsidiaries of China National BlueStar, leader in the Chinese chemicalindustry with nearly 19,920 employees and a turnover of 9.4 billion euros. Adisseo is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. For more information about Adisseo,

About Bits x Bites
Bits x Bites is an agriculture & food tech venture capital fund focusing on up and midstream technologies in the Chinese market. lt invests across the food supply chain, from precision agriculture, crop and animal health to protein alternatives and nutrition. To date, it has invested in startups that are advancing gene editing for high-performing crops, agricultural drones, low-Gl carbohvdrates, as well as cost-efficient cell-based meat production without an actual animal. Altogether, Bits x Bitesportfolios have raised in excess of S460M after its initial investments.
  For more information about Bits x Bites,