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Agricultural and Rural Informatization Development Planning for the 13th Five-Year Plan Period Abstract 2

Release time:2016-08-30

Main task——Speed up agricultural and rural e-commerce development 

We should speed up agricultural and rural e-commerce development, innovate new circulation ways, develop new business patterns, cultivate new economy, restructure agricultural and rural economic chains, supply chains and value chains, and promote integrated development of the first, the second, and the third industry in rural areas.

1.Promote coordinated development of agricultural and rural e-commerce development

We should attach equal importance to improving rural consumption levels and increasing farmers’ income, establish a two-way circulation pattern, with farm products and rural handicrafts going upstream and consumer goods and agricultural production materials going downstream, and expand areas where agricultural and rural e-commerce could be utilized; work with commerce, poverty alleviation and other government agencies to strengthen enterprise-government cooperation, vigorously promoting e-commerce of agricultural products, especially fresh agricultural products, and giving priority in supporting poverty-stricken areas in conducting featured agricultural activities through e-commerce; encourage e-commerce of agricultural production materials and launch targeted service regarding agricultural production materials; innovate new online marketing and transaction modes regarding leisure agriculture, and drive leisure agriculture to be a new growth point for agricultural and rural economy; and enhance online display and transaction of agricultural shows.

2.Break the bottleneck of agricultural and rural e-commerce development 

We should strengthen infrastructure construction at producing areas, including pre-cooling, goods collection, sorting, grading, quality inspection, packaging, warehousing, etc., to enhance the underpinning of e-commerce for farm products; speed up our effort to build a standard system of agricultural and rural e-commerce with focus on fresh agricultural products; improve epidemic disease prevention and control system and safety regulation system for animals and plants, establish national traceability system regarding quality & safety supervision on farm products, and improve information-based regulation level; reinforce information statistics & monitoring in the field of e-commerce, and promote the establishment of data sharing mechanisms and standard between enterprises and supervision units; and launch pilot & demonstration projects regarding farm products, agricultural production materials and leisure agriculture, and work out a number of development models suitable for replication and widespread application.

3.Vigorously cultivate agricultural and rural e-commerce market entities

We should introduce training programs aimed at new agricultural business entities and encourage various forms of training agencies such as e-commerce university to enhance new agricultural business entities’ ability of e-business applications; bring the liaison role of agricultural departments into full play by organizing and conducting activities that match producers to sellers and by promoting on-line sales of farm products; encourage comprehensive e-business enterprises to expand their agricultural and rural business, support the development of various forms of e-commerce including vertical e-business, county-level e-business, etc., and assist e-business enterprises in exporting farm products, especially those competitive agricultural products; and vigorously promote electronic transactions and settlements in agricultural wholesale markets, and motivate new agricultural business entities to make use of information management systems.