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Key Polices Supporting and Benefitting Farmer Issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Finance in 2017 (Abstract)

Release time:2017-03-23

Build the agricultural credit guarantee system

We should establish and improve a national agricultural credit guarantee system, aid provincial credit guarantee agencies in extending their business to cover cities and counties, support the effort of qualified cities and counties to build their own credit guarantee agencies as soon as possible, and put the system into practice. We should focus on new business entities including households engaged in large scale planting and breeding, family farms, farmer cooperatives, agricultural social service organizations, as well as small and micro agricultural enterprises; attach weight to food production, animal husbandry and aquaculture, advantageous or featured industries, new rural business patterns, integration of the first, the second and the third industries in rural areas, as well as other critical links such as high-standard farmland development, agricultural equipment, green production and agricultural standardization; and provide farmers with fast, easy and cost effective credit guarantee services.