Social Responsibility

Face up to Social Responsibilities


Corporate social responsibility, short for CSR, refers to a corporate’s responsibilities for its employees, customers, the community and the environment while making profits and undertake legal liabilities for shareholders. CSR puts emphasis on concerning human value in production process and contributing to environment, customers and society.


In its development process, Adisseo not only takes responsibility and commitment as part of its goals and business policies, but also attempts to introduce these philosophies to business partners and other fields of the society. It advocates sustainable development in the chemical industry and invests efforts to build an ecosystem where everyone can thrive. Adisseo aims to fulfill its commitment to the society with improved services. More importantly, by joining hands with interested parties, the company finds ways to blend into the local community to accomplish its goals of sustainable, harmonious, and common development for the company and society as a whole.


We are engaged in an active policy of corporate social responsibility (CSR), which translates into numerous initiatives: supervision features, employee development, education, multi-cultural teams, corporate values and more.


Our activities are built around these three axes:

Diversity and solidarity (involvement with local events and support for humanitarian organizations);

Well-being and occupational health;

Vocational development and employment (provide internship opportunities for students and establish partnerships with schools and universities).



Responsible Care Global Charter(EN)