Sustainable Development

Sustainable development to speed up globalization process


As an excellent enterprise driven by its mission and value, Adisseo considers social responsibility as the living style for modern enterprises and an opportunity for innovative development from the strategic thinking of sustainable development. The company is always dedicated to improving its quality of products and services while concerning for sharing returns and profits with different shareholders. Adisseo has never shirked from its commitments to society in terms of industrial chain, low carbon & environment protection and social undertakings.


Adisseo is one of the top investors in its industry. Since it joined Bluestar/Chemchina in 2006, the group has invested €1 billion; half in France and half in China. It has focused these investments on expanding its teams and working more closely with customers, improving production quality and quantity, developing its research capabilities and shrinking its environmental footprint. In 2016 alone, more than €26 million was invested in workplace safety and the environment.



Our HSE operating expenditure, which includes an ever-increasing number of regulatory constraints (additional studies, higher taxes, etc.) is governed by a proactive HSE investment policy that has seen more than a 20 million invested annually in recent years. Every new industrial project is used to further improve our management of safety and environmental risks, and mitigate the impacts as part of our wider commitment to sustainable growth.



Diversifying methionine production: ADRY+


After more than a year of work and the finalization of preliminary studies, the ADRY+ project entered its decisive phase midway through 2016. This strategic project will enable Adisseo to expand the market for Rhodimet®AT88 liquid methionine. This new powdered version of the product is a calcium salt of Rhodimet® enriched with AT88 to deliver the benefits of this product (the same effi cacity value › 88%) to customers whose process cannot use the liquid form of methionine. The new ADRY+ production unit is under construction at the Adisseo Burgos plant, consolidating the long-term future of the site and creating more jobs. Designed to incorporate many aspects of sustainability, it optimizes energy consumption (by recycling waste steam), reduces CO2 emissions and imposes the minimum possible level of environmental impact. A special waste process air treatment plant is integral to the newfacility, and is designed to eliminate any odors with the potential to impact negatively on neighboring communities. The investment in this odor treatment system - which was not an obligatoryrequirement - accounts for around 7% of total investment in this project.


Sustainable development is at the heart of Adisseo’s activities. Within the context of our sustainable growth model, Adisseo strives to uphold food safety and produce superior, affordable, and environment-friendly feed. To realize this vision, the company constantly improves the nutritional, economical, and environmental performance of poultry, pig, and dairy cow farming.


Within Adisseo, sustainable development is an ever-present concern to which each Adisseo employee makes a daily commitment. We are now part of an internationally recognized reference framework, the Global Reporting Initiative, which allows us to measure and continually improve our performance.


Safety is the first priority for all businesses, without which nothing will be achieved. We ensure all actions and activities work towards improving the safety of our employees, our customers, our production units, our products, our transport, as well as our environment.


To accomplish this, Adisseo invests an average of 20 million euros annually in its different industrial sites and draws on leading technologies and practices available in environmental improvement.


Additionally, Adisseo has an active investment policy for its international industrial development and for innovation in terms of product, service, and process. We are one of the largest investors in our sector, and over the last six years have invested more than 1 billion euros. Each of our investments has been aligned with our sustainable development principles.


We have also implemented our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) procedure, kicking off a variety of initiatives in the areas of governance, staff development, training, creation of multi-cultural teams, and development of our corporate values. We listen to our employees and their satisfaction degree has been a key measure of Adisseo’s success. We encourage diversity within our teams and we are embracing disabled people to be a member of our company.


All these efforts are aimed at guaranteeing Adisseo a sustainable approach that strikes a balance among human development, economic development and preservation of our planet’s resources.

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