Environmental Protection

Adisseo, Walking Ahead of Everyone in Environmental Protection


When green and environmental protection has gained worldwide recognition, Adisseo follows global trends in developing in a green and environmental-friendly way. We are confident in achieving greater success!



Improving wastewater treatment plant performance


The Adisseo Commentry team has worked for nearly a year on improving the performance delivered by the plant wastewater treatment facility. Not only has their work improved treatment quality, but it has also enabled the implementation of effective analytical and forecasting tools. For example, the COD* test results for plant discharges fell by 14%, while discharges of suspended matter were more than 40% lower.


The Nanjing plant has reduced its total volume of wastewater discharges by more than 50% in two years. In 2016 despite increasing its production output by more than 30%, the plant still managed to cut its discharges by more than 25%. A new process water improvement project was also launched during the year to improve discharges even further in 2017.




Cutting water and energy consumption on all Adisseo sites


Following an analysis of the many uses made of drinking water at Roches-Roussillon, a great deal of work was done in 2016 to reduce more than halve total consumption, thereby saving more than 1500 m³ of drinking water every month.


The issue of sustainability applies equally to office buildings. At Adisseo headquarters in Antony (France), water-saving systems installed for all washrooms have cut water consumption by 30% during 2016. Energy consumption has also been reduced by optimizing heating control settings and scheduling the use of fan-coil air-conditioning units.